Things to Ask

What type of things should I ask the Celebrant?

Before you decide on your celebrant there are a few questions that I recommend that you ask. Of course all celebrants will officiate your marriage and act in accordance to the Marriage Act, however there are some who will go above and beyond to ensure that your ceremony is all that you would like it to be.

  • Ask how many wedding ceremonies the celebrant will complete in one day. If they only complete one ceremony it will give you piece of mind knowing that they will not be held up by the wedding prior to yours. It will also provide assurance that the celebrant will only have your names in their mind for the day reducing the risk of them using the wrong name in your ceremony. If the celebrant completes more than one ceremony in the day politely ask if they have any others booked on the day of your ceremony, and if so, what time it will finish and how far they need to travel to make it to your ceremony.
  • Ask what time they will be arriving at the ceremony and if you are comfortable with their response.
  • You will want to know if the celebrant will make sure that everything is set up how you would like it. Ask them if they will re-arrange chairs if required, clean the aisle if needed, assist with laying down of rose petals, setting up of flags and anything else that may be required
  • Ask the celebrant if they have their own PA system and what type it is to ensure that it is of good quality and will be effective on the day
  • I would also suggest asking what options they provide you when selecting the wording in your ceremony
  • Ask them if they have access to a signing table and chairs
  • Ask the celebrant how they present themselves on the day and if you can see photos of them completing ceremonies
  • Confirm with the celebrant if they complete a rehearsal