What are the requirements to get married?

Before you get married you will need to complete a Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM).  This needs to be completed no less than 1 month and one day prior to the wedding ceremony.  We would normally complete this at our second meeting when we go through your ceremony options.

I will also help you to complete a declaration indicating that there are no legal reasons as to why you cannot get married.  You will need to declare that you are not related, you are not currently married and you are over 18 years of age.  If you are under 18 you will need to gain court permission.

In your ceremony you will need to include 2 main sections.  The first section is known as the Monitum and it is a paragraph of text that I read to you and your guests which makes it known that I am a registered celebrant and you are about to be married.  We also need to include your vows where you both publicly accept each other to be joined in marriage.

On the day of your wedding ceremony, you and your two witnesses over the age of 18 will sign a certificate of marriage that I submit to Births, Deaths and Marriages, my register of marriages that I have officiated, and your wedding certificate.