What can I offer you?

I love working with people and believe that the most important thing for everyone to have in their life is love. To be able to work with couples at a time in their life when they are very much in love with each other is an absolute honour. To get married is not something to be taken lightly, it is a public commitment of love to each other and a promise that you will enter into it for life.

I will commit to you that I will only complete one ceremony on the day of your wedding. This ensures that I will not be held up by a previous wedding or in a rush to get to your ceremony and will be on time.

I will arrive one hour prior to the ceremony, this allows me to assist with any wedding suppliers that may be bringing items such as chairs, flags, or flowers. It also provides time for me to set up any tables, the PA system and have everything ready to go well in advance. Guests often arrive 30 mins prior to the ceremony time, and to create a calm atmosphere I ensure that everything is ready when they arrive. I also recommend that the groom arrives 1 hour prior to the ceremony time so that he can take a deep breath before the guests arrive. Once family and friends arrive the time goes incredibly quickly and it is nice for the groom and the guests to speak briefly before the bride arrives.

When I meet with a couple to go through the ceremony I always ask what other items will need to be set up at the location and if they would like any help with it. When we meet to go through the wedding rehearsal I take lots of notes reflecting what you would like and if you would like me to ensure that it is done on the day. It is always advisable to have a family member or friend also arrive early to make sure that everything is as it should be but sometimes that person becomes overwhelmed with excitement on the day and it is nice for me to provide them with some support.

I have a PA system that I hire if required. The company that I hire it from is reputable and the PA systems are of very high quality. In the past the bride and groom have requested that I use a PA provided by the venue however it has been my experience that these systems are not always of the highest quality and I have even had the unfortunate experience of one going flat through the ceremony. I ask you to cover half the cost of the unit to hire as this ensures that you have a quality system on the day and I am familiar with the system and can ensure that it is charged prior to ceremony.

I feel it is really important for the ceremony to reflect you. I have a book with samples of ceremony content. There are thousands of combinations that can be created. This may sound overwhelming, but I have organised it in such a way that the broad outline of the ceremony can be selected in approximately an hour and then a further hour or so refining the wording. I will go through the legal requirements with you and notify you of what components you need to have in your ceremony and then help you select the optional sections. Every ceremony I have officiated has been unique and individual.

If it is required, I will bring a table and chairs for you to use a signing table so that you do not need to ask a guest to bring it on the day. I will ensure that the white table cloth is ironed and immaculate and will look perfect in your photographs.

I will ask you about your colours and theme for the ceremony to ensure that I am presented appropriately. I will ask you to view photographs of me in my gallery and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to wear.

I strongly believe in you completing a wedding rehearsal at the venue preferably at the same time of day as your ceremony. The rehearsal is an opportunity for your wedding party to become familiar with your expectations and it allows you to picture what everything will look like. At the rehearsal the main thing to go through is a practice run of walking down the aisle and ensuring that the music is appropriate. I would not recommend going through any of the wording as this seems to take away from the atmosphere on the day of the ceremony.